Life’s A Beach!

In other words, when we put together a list of criteria for the perfect place to settle, such list obviously features very reasonable arguments. Like traffic connection, quality of schools or crime rate. Just to name a few points. Of course, working with this lists to come to a conclusion is not always straight forward. Back when we studied Industrial Design our professors introduced it to the following method:

1) Write down a list of potential candidates (e.g. design ideas, ideal locations, dream cars, whatever!)

2) Write down a list of criteria

3) Evaluate the candidates according to the criteria

4) Find out that you’re not happy with the result

5) Weigh the criteria (important, less important, not important)

6) Repeat evaluation and repeat step 4-6 until your favourite candidate wins

In any case, there’s  always one criteria that features on our ‘location’ list, so it must be an important one: Being near the beach. And that’s not because we’re beach bums that cannot live without going to the beach every weekend. In fact, for being so much in love with the beach we’re actually fairly ill equipped. We don’t own a sunbrella or a pair of folding sun loungers. Well, do do own a bucket and a shovel.

So, Valencia. Beach: Check. It has been a bit windy last time we’ve been there and it was December. So maybe not the perfect settings for a beach day. But you know? We love it!