Light. Camera. Action

“2015 is the year for things to happen. After the low I suffered in 2014, I decided that this year will be different. It’s the year to tick things off the list. The year for achievements and for changes for the better.” decided Christian Leyk of coquine![design].

As part of the spring clean (even though it’s strictly spoken still winter) we decided to give the website a fresh look. Some things needed changing. The dark look was cool and quirky and fun, but it didn’t reflect the sunshine we like to put into people’s lives. We are not the dark side of yacht design (we leave that to others). We are not the designer who dress in black suit and turtle-neck either. We are a friendly bunch of people who have a good time doing what we do best and we want everybody to enjoy that journey with us.

We do hope that you like the new look as much as we do. This is work in progress though (like pretty much everything in life) and maybe you will find that one or the other detail still needs a bit of fine-tuning. If so, we’d be thankful for any feedback you’d have for us. Please come visiting often, we promise to post regularly!