Lunch time doodle. “Hot pea soup from the thermic bottle,heated up in the morning before leaving the house, a piece of chocolate afterwards as a treat. It’s December and that means the weather is too dreadful for the usual lunch time walk along the river. In other words, what better to do in your break than doing a bit of sketching?”

With no particular aim it’s always interesting where the pen will take you. After a few lines you might see a direction, you start chasing. You thing you might be up to something, so you continue until the picture gets clearer.

Next step… depending on how you feel about it you might go into more detail. The designer’s old companion, the Lamy pen, flies over the paper. Or you think “I wouldn’t mind seeing this in colour”. No problem, a picture with the phone replaces the scanner, a minute later Photoshop is started. After 45 minutes you have reached the point where the doodle is ready to share with friends and colleagues for some feedback, after that it’s back to work.

“So, what do you think?”