Miami Of The North!

We’ve been visiting Bremerhaven on a regular base for a while now, and since some residents of this city in Northern Germany do seem rather patriotic about this place, we wanted to find out what all the hype is about.

Bremerhaven is located north of Bremen on the banks of the river Weser at the point where it reaches the North Sea. Over time we found out a few interesting sides of the city. It has a museum of emigration, an open air ship museum and a place called ‘climate house’ which within its rather interesting architecture houses something like a mix of science centre and theme park. To our shame we must admit we visited neither one of these.

We did visit a few quite nice restaurants though.

But even though Bremerhaven has something like a sea front and technically even something resembling a beach, we have so far failed recognising any resemblance with Miami.

Well, maybe we have been looking for the wrong aspects? Sure it’s not the Art Deco architecture that of South Beach that invited comparisons? That’s when finally we discovered the port. Technically it’s part of Bremen, which is a bit odd. But that doesn’t matter, because it’s awesome and we love exploring it at night. Container terminals. Cranes. Car transport ships. Dry docks. More cranes. Tug boats. And more containers. What’s not to like?