When we hear the word ‘Mikado’ we might think of something rather fragile, made of lots of sticks. But when you look at it closer, a pile of Mikado sticks thrown randomly on the table is a rather solid construction considering its construction method.

We are of course not suggesting to follow the example and hope for the best, in fact, we would like to see Mikado as an example of how 3-dimensional structures can be used to create something lightweight but strong. This is of course nothing new. What is new (at least in yacht design) is the use of such structures as a distinct styling feature, linking exterior and interior spaces and creating a new dimension of transparency.

At coquine![design] we just applied the ‘Mikado’ concept to a 77m world cruiser yacht and are happy to share the result with you. The yacht features 4 guest suits, a generous owner area either on the main or on the upper deck, a variety of living areas including a dedicated spa and beach club plus sufficient space for a decent array of tenders and toys.

All this is packed in a sleek, fuel efficient hull, giving you good overall performance, long range and comfort wherever you go