“Can you make this world a better place … by designing yachts? I mean, seriously? Well, that’s what I keep telling. We all should do what we do best. I don’t know how to cure diseases, other than hopefully dullness”

That’s not to say we shouldn’t try addressing more serious issues, both personally and through our work. It might be just small steps, but every little contribution counts.

There are still a few dinosaurs inhabiting this planet believing that climate change is a lie and that our resources are unlimited and that, if we accidentally break this planet, we’ll have a spare one tucked away somewhere. Actually, this would be unfair to the dinosaurs, since they survived millions of years. The same can probably not be said for the human species, who work hard to accelerate their own extinction. Well, maybe that’s actually quite an achievement and a sign of intelligence?

Maybe at some time in the future people will look back at the things we do and shake their heads. “Yachts? I mean, seriously?”

If we might bring forward a few thoughts to our defence… this 82m explorer yacht is meant to be as environmentally sound as possible. An ultra efficient hull. Hybrid technology. Sustainable construction and on the interior responsibly sourced materials. In operation a go-anywhere long range vessel used to learn more about our planet and research the various issues that threaten our oceans, while at the same time being a feel-good home for the owner and his guests. A way to connect with the world around us.

“May me claim mitigating circumstances?”