Welcome to the “Moon Under Water’. We know, that kind of sounds like the theme of the graduation ball. Or maybe a pub. It certainly doesn’t sound like a yacht in any way… but of course yachts do come with the weirdest names…

Still, we kind of liked that name. Because we do like the moon and we do like the sea… enough of that.

As you might have guessed this is a concept study for a mater stateroom. Let’s say somewhere between 60 and 90 metres. Upper deck facing forward, overlooking the bow, giving you that amazing view when you wake up with the sun rising. When your yacht is sitting in a marina stern-to, that’s the direction you want to look so people don’t watch you.

Anyway, this is a little bit our interior sparring ring. Where we try different things, exchanging elements, giving it different characters. Sometimes a bit more timeless elegant, the other time maybe a bit more Caribbean happiness. And the next time? Who knows! Maybe you want to watch this space!