A proper yacht used to be white. Or white with a dark blue hull, which we think really is very elegant. These days are over, and we enjoy seeing colours applied. 

Now we see yachts in black, grey, silver, beige, even red! But we think we could still go one step further… meet Morpho. 

Yes, in the past it was a pain to try new things. Roberto Cavalli had a yacht with a ‘flip flop’ paint job, like a TVR or some Japanese boy racers. Trouble was, yachts do need a touch up occasionally, and in that case it would have meant redoing the whole thing. Not to mention that anything more complex would have been… well, it’s not easy on a bonnet. Now think of something 40 metres longer. Luckily, vinyl wrapping was developed and it doesn’t look as cheap as it sounds. In fact, it looks awesome and it’s functional, too.

At coquine!design] we definitely embrace new technologies. Particularly those that make yachts more enjoyable, more sustainable and cooler looking!