Mysterious Smiles

As promised earlier we now draw our attention to the very centre of Angkor Thom, the high point of Angkor and the whole Khmer culture: The Bayon. There is something different about it, something mysterious. It does have something to do with those enigmatic face towers, smiling their serene smiles forever. But that’s not all.

The Bayon is far smaller than Angkor Wat, you can easily walk around it in a few minutes. The Bayon isn’t covered by jungle either, so you think it’s easier to figure it all out. You’re wrong. It’s tighter than any other place, it is darker, its layout doesn’t unlock itself easily to you and it magically draws you in. When you examine its reliefs you’ll discover that it is closer connected to the Khmer people and their life.

“The Bayon speaks to you in a way very few other places in the world do. It touches you… and it makes you smile”