New Adventures, Here We Come

We are actually getting more and more busy, and that’s of course a good thing. It would be even better if the reason for that would be that there are a lot of clients asking us for new designs, however, it’s not all bad working on speculative projects and doing proposals and finding those clients in the first place. After all, one thing will lead to another.

The other day Christian Leyk was saying “I’m in the mood for good things to happen“. Whatever these good things are, they obviously won’t happen out of the blue. We work hard to make them happen. Unless we’re talking about the unexpected arrival of the British Summer.

Ideas occasionally pop up out of the blue, too. Or you just wake up with them spinning in your head. So one morning there was suddenly this one word appearing: Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is an internet platform for crowd-funding creative projects. Like films, music records, clever inventions or computer games. Or books. Like, for example, beautiful coffee table hardcover books filled with amazing illustrations of cool designs. Does that ring a bell? Alright, so far, the coquine![design] portfolio isn’t such a book. We believe it contains the latter, but we haven’t yet put it together into a book as described above. The key world is ‘yet’, because we also believe that people might actually like to have a book filled with our designs nicely illustrated.

Of course, we realise that spreading those pictures that you already know for this website onto some quality paper wouldn’t be quite enough to get you excited. So we promise that this book will contain lots of brand new images and renderings you haven’t seen before, and we will make it an enjoyable book to read by giving it a bit of a story, too. And yes, that will take a bit of time to get it done. It’s not just an evening & weekend job. So this is where Kickstarter comes in: coquine![design] is looking for people who support us and buy us a little bit of time so that we can dedicate ourselves exclusively to the task to get it finished, printed and shipped within a few months.

In return, we don’t just offer the book as exclusive hardcover or nice softcover but we also offer people to become patrons and creative collaborators. Our Kickstarter campaign should be launched within the next 1 or 2 weeks and we promise we’ll keep you updated and let everybody know about it what is happening and when it’s happening. So you can be a part of it. A part of us.