Nobody Loves Your Baby Like You Do

And that is not to say that your baby is an ugly duckling and that you’d be the only one loving it. Actually, you might find that a lot of people congratulate you and tell you how lovely and cute your baby is. Or, depending on the nature of the baby in question, they might say cool, awesome or exciting.

Christian Leyk often refers to our projects as being our babies, and we agree. We love them, we want to see them growing up and learning to walk. And when we show them to people and we get a good response, we are of course quite proud of them, as if they just achieved some good marks in their last school test or came first in athletics. Occasionally, we do brag a bit about them, too, but who wouldn’t?

However, things aren’t always a walk in the park, particularly when we have the chance to develop a concept further than the initial design study. We could get carried away and indulging in little styling exercises, but in the end we aren’t just the parents of those ideas, we are professional designers, too. As such, there is more to our work than sketching and doodling and playing around with 3D models. When things get more serious, it always involves other people. Clients. Investors. Yacht Broker. Suppliers. Collaborators in any form or shape.

The funny thing is, those people aren’t usually just sitting next to their phone or computer waiting for our call. They might be busy with other projects. Potentially they might be busy with their babies. And so they don’t answer back immediately and, unlike you, they might not see the urgency to move heaven and earth to make the things happen that you’re asking them for. That doesn’t mean they don’t care or don’t like your project. There is a high possibility that they are very happy to do business with you and they might be really excited about helping to making dreams reality. And they might even go the extra mile for it.

The bottom line remains… when push comes to shove, your project will never be as important to them as it is to you, because nobody loves your baby like you do. But that should never stop you.