Fun fact, though admittedly we have no statistics to prove it: Quite a few designers, particularly in transportation design – boats, cars, trucks, lawnmowers – like the name ‘Raptor‘ when giving a speculative project a name and trying to emphasise that it’s something cool.

“But wait!” the geeks amongst us cry, “raptors, or rather ‘velociraptors’ where only the size of a turkey and most likely covered in feathers. How on earth would that be cool?”

Alright, we’re talking about a really angry turkey with big claws, munching on some yummy cretaceous masurpials (rather than some careless paleontologist), which is sufficiently scary. But does that really translate as ‘cool’?

So today we talk about a different kind of cool. The kind of ‘relaxed, laid back, chilled dude’ cool. Don’t get us wrong, we do like our steak medium-rare, but also like to throw some halloumi on the barbie. We think the 90m concept study shown here is also very cool, if we may say so. She’s big and to call her ‘sleek’ you’d probably want to remove one deck.. we would! But maybe you like being with your friends and family, even when escaping for a few days, so you’ll appreciate the extra space. She’s designed to travel smoothly and efficiently rather than rushing from A to B. Her interior is carefully laid out to create a relaxing place for owner and guests and particular care has been taken to flood her with natural light. In other words, she’s the perfect place to unwind and de-stress.

So, coming back to those pesky raptors, what kind of dinosaur would she be? First, we were thinking of a big sauropod, like a brontosaurus or diplodocus. Can’t get more chilled than that, right? Well, maybe that’s a bit too much, bordering to lethargic. After all, there’s still the beach club and the tender garage full of fun toys. So in the end we settled for ‘Ceratops’. Well protected by solid armour in the right places and usually equipped with some horns that show they mean business, we think they were actually rather cool.