Not Forgotten

“Forgotten, Not Forgiven. Is it that time of the year again?”

Yes, we have written about this before, and we will keep on mentioning this again. One day something will move, in some direction, somehow. We’re annoyingly persistent when we really believe in something!

It’s about that script thing that Christian Leyk has been tinkering with for more years than he should admit. Let’s face it, sadly in its current form neither Hollywood nor Netflix will take notice. Because it isn’t a script. Forgotten Not Forgiven is designed, not written. But what’s the difference?

Well, imagine I would give you a description of Dora Maar. Black hair, big dark eyes…. well, that’s what you’d read in a script. But what I really want you to see is the way Picasso did paint her in 1937. That the design. Of course I understand that studios want scripts because directors are Picasso. I don’t think I can win that one…” Still, we want to see what we can do with this script and how far we can go… seeing if it can become something bigger than we could possible do ourselves. So we were thinking…

There are a lot of incredibly talented people in our network. We mean super duper talented creatives, whose work leaves us speechless and inspired… We know you are all super busy, but we also know that this doesn’t stop you from creating things, even when you’re on your lunch break.

We would like to invite you. If some of you like the idea of collaborating and contributing, we could make that script a super cool illustrated story. Right now there are roughly 160 pages, one illustration each. Every illustration is meant to set the mood for the scene, gives an idea of what’s happening, etc…

“Imagine we could double that. And then more. You pick a page or just a passage and turn it into an image. And slowly the whole thing will develop a life of its own. Less ‘me’ and a lot more ‘us’. I still need to get my head around this in technical terms, how the website where it’s currently living needs restructuring and all that and how everybody collaborating could benefit from it. But first of all I wanted to ask if there’s interest in the idea.”

Let us know what you think!