Not The Big Picture

But that’s not because the big picture is less beautiful or because we forgot to bring the wide-angle lens. We can assure you that the big picture is just as breathtakingly beautiful as the details. What we’re talking about? Kew Garden, on the west side of London. It’s a wonderful botanical garden that we would love to visit again and again. We still didn’t discover all of its 120 hectares of land. It’s home to quite some quite remarkable trees and some equally remarkable giant greenhouses, full of tropical, subtropical and temperate flora.

Even though Christian, when he was a kid, was dreaming of becoming a biology professor one day (because he liked the blooming meadows just behind the house where he was living in the Bavarian countryside at some point in time), he never grew up knowing all about that green stuff and what it’s called. But, he still thinks it’s not just pretty but also a great source of inspiration for his design work. So many people claim to be inspired by nature and often such explanations seemed to be pulled by the hair. But at coquine![design] we do believe in it!

It’s not that we take it overly literal at all times… sometimes it’s just that what we see makes us feel good in some undefined and fuzzy way and then we sit down and do our creative work in a more inspired way. It’s not easy to explain, but I hope you understand. And we’re looking forward to visit Kew Gardens more often. And maybe one day you’ll visit, too, and you think that cactus reminds you of someone….