On The Wall

Beco Do Batman, Vila Madalena, São Paulo. According to Wikipedia it’s actually a tourist attraction.

Well, what can we say? First of all, we do like the neighbourhood. It’s colourful and quirky, with nice boutiques, a lot of arts & crafts and some nice bars, too. It has the vibe that suits us. Would we call it a tourist attraction? Hmmmm, to a certain extend it is, but that description just doesn’t have a nice ring to it. To us, the little alley, famed for it’s graffiti is more like an art gallery. It’s obviously a different kind of art. Contemporary. Not framed, not hundred’s of years old and gone after a while. Making place for new art.

For most of us it’s a bit of a strange concept. The thought that one day there will be no Mina Lisa…

But of course it is art. For ones, it’s relevant. It reflects on us, on the world we’re living in an artistic way. It’s connected to the community surrounding it. It doesn’t matter that it’s not in a museum.

As creative people – designers, not artists (even though that’s another debate altogether!) we are always interested in graffiti and we keep our eyes open wherever we go. Maybe by taking pictures we give them a little bit of the eternity they will never experience?