I am about to quit Facebook and it doesn’t worry me any more if I miss the latest news occasionally. And I’m already feeling so much happier. I’m also trying to avoid getting involved in any political discussions these days, but I think we can all agree that we are living in worrying times. Sometimes I wish I could just sail far, far away from all of this…”

But this is probably not happing any time soon, because we are just too busy dreaming up new and exciting dreams at coquine![design]. However, this latest concept is admittedly a little bit of an escape pod. It’s not your typical Mediterranean cruiser and it’s not an explorer either, brimming with tenders and toys and an ice-class hull to go even further than all the others. Too much thrill seeking is also stress!

Iñi-go is a simple, pocket-sized world traveller ready to cruise long distances efficiently, economically and comfortably while being the owner’s home away from home – or even the one place he will really call ‘home’, wherever he wants to go. The vessel is designed to operate with a small crew only, the focus is on the owner’s family and maybe a few guests at a time. It is intended to be more like a pod rather than a boat, with the capability of slowing down time, pampering the guests with a casual ambient bathed in natural light rather than ostentatious luxury. It doesn’t even come with a helicopter and the tender garage will only house the bare essentials, and instead of adding impressive staircases and lots of distraction for the thrill-seeking yacht owner we thought we’d rather equip Iñi-go with everything necessary to spend more time on board. Does it have to be more complicated than that?

This might not sound overly exciting first, but in the noisy world we are living in, this might be the one real luxury that we truly cherish like a long lost memory.

“Don’t switch on the TV. Put on some music, open a good wine and watch the sunlight drawing patterns on the wall reflected by the water. What more do you need to be happy?”