Yes, we do like it hot. And wild. And different. But you know what? We think calm and understated is cool, too.

Of course, we also now that one hundred metres of yacht, anchored in the Meds never really pulls off ‘understated’ as much as a Peugeot 205 does. Not even in Porto Cervo, where it would be unlikely that this would be the only yacht of it’s size around. And not even if the yacht next door would be designed by Philippe Starck.

So maybe we just drop the ‘understated’, because it’s all relative. But maybe we can agree on ‘calm’ and not attention seeking? Or maybe even ‘timeless’? We do like ‘timeless’.

And if you have any doubt and think we only can do eye catchers, please have a look at the profile above. 100 metre ‘Park Avenue’. Feel free to relax…