Orange Is Irresistible 

“The other day I came across a (not entirely serious) test telling me what kind of photographer I am. Looking at the library on my computer I came to the conclusion I I pretty much shoot everything that doesn’t get away in time, but as a distraction and out of curiosity I spent 5 minutes on the test..

As expected the result wasn’t entirely conclusive, but I had to smile about one category: The travel photographer. Can be found in all the exotic locations in the world (tick), usually wears a multi-pocket gilet (no way!), carries much more equipment with him than he could possibly need (no) and is irresistibly drawn to the orange colour of buddhist monks…. well…”

For the records.. Christian obviously didn’t fall into any of these stereotype categories usually to be found in such tests. He is of course a perfectly balanced photographer, stays clear of any arguments between film and digital, uses Flickr only casually and only has the gear he needs and uses and has a keen eye for people, situations, landscapes, details, sports, art….