Oscar Tango Tango. Short ‘OTT’ for ‘over the top’, because we did get carried away a little bit when working on this 120 metre explorer. Of course, ‘getting carried away’ doesn’t mean we populate the yacht with unicorns, blaster cannons and hyperdrive. But it means that we looked into the whole concept in more detail than we would when we sketch out some ideas initially.

In other aspects for example she’s not over the top at all. She’s actually quite low volume, because we thought you might just want to take your best friends with you when exploring the most remote corners of this planet. So you get a super efficient hull, a modern propulsion system that helps you travel with a clear conscience, up to date communication equipment and a magnificent observation lounge. All that built on an architecture inspired by Oscar Niemeyer, who certainly knew a thing or two about making the future look sexy. Just in case you were wondering how we came up with the name in first place.