Every now and again we like to do something facing to the left… it’s just one of those funny traditions that when you draw a profile of a boat the bow is facing right, while cars for reasons unknown to us head the other way.

As a matter of fact, it’s quite strange when you look at a boat profile drawn the other way around. Anyway, let’s not get distracted by those details and have a look at our latest doodle: As doodles go, the result is always a bit of a surprise, but we think it did turn out pretty Italian. It’s not just the colours but also the bold curves reminiscent of the iconic Ferrari Daytona and the play with transparency seen in many concept cars of Bertone and Pininfarina in the Seventies.

On the technical side it would be based on the Maserati Gran Turismo with the chassis shortened by about 300mm (coming to roughly the wheel base of an Aston Martin Vantage). The 8 cylinder 4.8l engine sitting behind the front axle should certainly be sufficient for some serious fun!