Apparently grey and drizzly weather is a very good excuse to visit a museum every now and again, but to be honest, some museums are really that interesting that you don’t need an excuse!

“Actually, when Ana and I were living in London we regularly visited the good old British Museum where one can go a dozen times per year and still discover something new. The same goes for the V&A and the Museum Of Natural History, too. And if you ever visit Munich – and so you should – there are a few places you shouldn’t miss, whatever the weather. To begin with there’s the ‘Deutsches Museum’, the largest science museum in the world…”

Here’s another one we recommend: It’s called ‘Prototyp’ and it’s in Hamburg. It’s not a huge museum (in case it’s sunny and you prefer to stay outdoors) but it has a rather fine collection of cars and collectables from the early days of German motor sport. Autounion, Porsche, Volkswagen, you name it. We heard that people complain that it’s really not that big, but it’s really fine. It’s just so nice and inspiring that you’d wish it would be bigger. We believe that what really counts is the quality, variety and relevance of the items on display and the way everything is presented. The ‘Prototyp’ auto museum definitely ticks all the boxes in that respect. And maybe it’s really good that it’s a little less known, so one can calmly wander around and have a closer look at all the different treasures, soak in the details and get a feeling how it must have been to race in those days…