Proud To Be A Part Of It

“Exterior design? A lot of me.” Christian Leyk, who worked together with newcruise for over 5 years, is clearly proud of the result when he saw her finished at the Monaco Yacht Show 2009. ”There was of course a feeling of nostalgia, too. I parted with newcruise in Summer 2007, so Siren wasn’t ‘my baby’ anymore. The exterior was already finished at that time, so all there was to see looked fairly familiar to me. Although of course every project of such size is in the end a result of a dialogue between many professionals and the client, I was fighting for every line, every curve. I’m glad for it, because she turned out exactly as I envisioned. Actually, even better. You do take a gamble when you deviate from the tried&tested path and introduce new elements, new shapes. It might look good on paper, but will it hold in real size?

But, what really left me breathless was the interior. If you see Siren in the magazines, you might find her very zen, but more likely just a tad bland. The photos don’t do her justice, and I have to express my deepest respect to Katharina Raczek, junior partner and interior designer at newcruise. She made Siren what it is, a wonderful interior experience with a level of attention to details that I’ve never seen before!”

At this place we congratulate the team of newcruise Yacht Projects & Design and of course the owners of Siren for winning the Superyacht Award 2009. It was well deserved.

photo below by Emmanuel Breton