Rather Busy

“Somebody show really invent the 48 hour day!” says Christian Leyk of coquine![design]. “But then again, I really mustn’t complain. As long as there are almost 6 hours left to sleep and I still have time for the occasional after-work beer with colleagues and for baking a bread every Friday, it’s still all fine!“

By the way, the experiment did work quite well: Using only 300 grams of seeded flour instead of 400 and using 100ml of water instead of 180ml and using 150 grams of finely chopped aubergine (pre-cooked in the oven until nice and golden) left the bread with a subtle but distinctly mediterranean flavour.

Other than that, what’s Christian ‘complaining’ about? Well, there’s a bit of graphic design, a new (speculative) proposal for a large yacht and then of course there’s the preparations going on for the Kickstarter project!

“That has been quite an experience so far! The worst of all being the video which is recommended by Kickstarter that you really should do it. Apparently it increases your chances of success significantly… not taking into account obviously the amount of people I’d scare away by appearing in front of the camera! Fact is, I still don’t like seeing myself or hearing myself in a video. But of course I’ll leave that to you to decide…”

The campaign will be launched Monday, 19th of August, and will run for 30 days. If you could, please cross fingers. Or, even better, please have a look at the campaign on Kickstarter. Hopefully you’ll like it!

“I’m sure that book would look good on your coffee table… but I’d be already happy if you just share the link and tell everybody you know about it.”

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Since this campaign happened some years ago there is no more link to follow…