Red And White Stripes

We all have our own angles to approach things. Have you ever watched people around any famous landmark and sightseeing location? There are the lazy ones. They stay on their path, put the camera at eye level and click. Job done. And then there are the ones who are looking for that one special view that everybody and especially the important influencers use and then they take that one picture you’re supposed to have. Ideally with themselves in it, otherwise, where’s the proof that you’ve been there?

We’re not saying that our approach is better than theirs. Each one does have a validity. Ours is driven by our creativity, our curiosity and occasionally our sense of humour. The point is, we take pictures for the sake of taking pictures. Which means, we like the picture to be interesting. Even when sometimes such picture is totally useless for telling your friends where you have been. Or as a reminder to yourself that indeed you had been there.

So here are some examples of the challenges we give ourselves:

1) The one that’s on the money. The place is teaming with tourists, but you still manage to get that one shot where the location / monument / building / etc is immediately identifiable, completely without anybody spoiling the picture. No, not the backside and not just cutting off the bottom.

2) The funny one. If you can’t get rid of them, embrace them. Tourists are soooo funny!

3) The new one. That’s probably our favourite, and we like to apply in places we visit often. Always look for the different angle, the unexpected view. There’s just so much to discover!

Incidentally, here’s a bonus challenge. We all take pictures on holidays and when we travel, because you’re in a new and different place. But how about exploring your home turf? It’s not as boring as you might think (even if you’re not living in London, Paris or New York!)