Resolutions, Update

“I’m not a firm believer in New Year’s Resolutions, as a matter of fact, I don’t believe it them at all. Most of these resolutions hardly ever last as long as the hangover from the New Year’s even party… so maybe it’s because I didn’t party I felt encouraged to make some resolutions and I’m proud to say I’m still sticking with them…”

“And I’m not talking about going easy on myself here! First, I decided to quit “comfort-biscuiting’. Yes, no more running to the office’ pantry cupboard to grab me a cookie or two, just to keep me entertained. A banana for Elevenses and an apple at 4 will do nicely (almost).

Secondly, last year the decision was made that I’m a stranger in this country. I came here as a fellow European and now it feels like being an unwanted foreigner. So it is only natural that I want to leave before I get kicked out (or required to apply for a permit, which to me accounts for the same). Until that day, I decided not to drink any alcohol, so my personal Brexit vote becomes a healthy detox.

And then of course there are those cases of unfinished business, mentioned in my last post. Well, it’s still too cold to go to the garage and continue work on my Suzuki, but I’m making good progress with the script (the one that’s in my pocket for donkey’s years). I’m probably half way through now and I feel quite inspired these days.”