What does S.P. stands for? With just under 50 metres length and below the magic 500 GRT mark, one would be excused for calling the ‘SP’ a small boat in the world of superyachts. She does, however, pack a mighty punch when it comes to performance, comfort and presence!

We would imagine her being built in composite, with a well performing yet not overly radical hull, a pair of nicely dimensioned MTU engines paired with waterjets… We are of course aware about the ongoing discussion amongst captains between jets and props (and in the end, either one would be a good choice!), but we felt that it would fit the character of the yacht.

As for the accommodation, we could imagine various layouts, but since we are talking about superyachts, as a rule of thumb, our recommendation would be to have one guest cabin less and one crew cabin more. Or have at least one VIP suite that can be converted into 2 guest cabins if so required. After all, it’s not about how many friends one can take on a cruise but rather how special you will make them feel…

Style-wise, starting from the exterior we opted for a non-traditional yet nicely understated ‘gentleman’s’ look that would turn heads without being too flashy. Admittedly, there is also a little hint of ‘streamline’ in the mix, a keen attention to detailing, surfaces and colours, and, last but not least, a slight emphasis of power over dynamic.

This look should be continued in the interior, and we’d imagine that despite the panoramic views through this large window areas, we wouldn’t find the often proclaimed inside-outside living, flooded with natural light. Instead, a more masculine, New York penthouse look could be particularly suitable, with some modern interpretation of art deco. After all, you might want to spend the day on the sun deck anyway, so the interior would be made for the nights!

“Well, that’s just an idea. Feel free to choose whatever kind of scatter cushions suit you best! And as for the name… let’s just say that if you want to be successful, don’t be predictable!”