The Scyphozoa are a class within the phylum Cnidaria, sometimes referred to as the “true jellyfish”…

“Exclusive mechanic watches are not to be taken lightly, I was told. You do what is expected or you do fun watches made in plastic with a battery in the back…” remembers Christian Leyk. “To a degree I agree. I like the purity of a round watch with a smooth, balanced bezel and I can completely understand the boldness of a square one. I understand the elegance of the rectangular shape. And I’m sure that Poseidon would probably wear something octagonal.”

But then again, it has been done before.

What’s new is combining the masculinity of a serious chronograph with new surface treatment technology, enabling the designer to work differently with glass, metal and ceramics and create a watch for all the other marine semi-gods and ocean dwellers.