Some Like It Hot

Yes, just another random post that has nothing to do with us designing things… but it’s just something we like and it’s nice and colourful. And hot.

We do have to admit it. We’re no gardeners. Never will be. That’s not to say we never dream of a house with a garden and some nice trees and bushes and all of that. Very picturesque and so. But officially and for the records, we don’t like mowing the lawn or trimming the hedge and all the other chores that come with gardening. There are, however, some exceptions. Well, there’s never a rule without exception, is there? So here we are: We like growing tomatoes and chillies. It’s strangely satisfying and it’s within our capabilities.

And here’s our (unofficial) list of favourites: Turtle Claw, Chocolate Habanera, Scotch Bonet, Chilaca (Pasila Bajio), Caribbean Antillias and Equadorian Devil’s Breath. 

One day we also want to grow and make our own wine, but that will certainly be a bit more challenging…. Let’s see.