Somewhere In Space

London was an amazing place for getting inspired by architecture. Everywhere you looked new buildings were being constructed and architects proposed all sorts of weird and funny shapes. 

But then we moved to Valencia and we found the architecture of Santiago Calatrava, and he certainly took architecture to an entirely different level. The Ciudat De Las Artes Y De Las Ciencias absolutely looks like it must have come from outer space. So it’s no wonder you can find us visiting the place again and again, circling around it and observe he it changes according to the light. Luckily it’s just 15 minutes walk from where we’re based, so there’s always an opportunity. So far, our preferred time is around sunrise.

If you want to know more about Calatrava, just google him and see other examples of his architecture in France, Spain, Italy and the United States Of America. We would say that together with Zaha Hadid he’s definitely one of our greatest inspirations.