Space Station

“Some twenty-odd years ago, when I first came to London, there was this strange space station that caught my attention. Bang in the centre of the city, Lime Street. Some also call it ‘the inside-out building’, but generally it’s known as the Lloyd’s Building. Interestingly enough, since 2011 it’s ‘Grade 1’ listed, meaning it’s actually a significant historic building.”

We’ve always been intrigued by cool and different architecture, and this one’s quite outlandish! So obviously, when there was the day of the open house (one day every year in London, highly recommended for all lovers of architecture to be able to see some iconic buildings that are usually closed to the public) we didn’t hesitate and joint the queue. And yes, inside it’s as intriguing as from the outside, it’s just one of those places that we could walk around a thousand times and still find a new and interesting angle…

Obviously, almost 20 years later and the City Of London looks a little bit different. New players appeared, such as the Gherkin or that weird Walkie Talkie.. we still think that one looks more like a box of popcorn in the cinema. But the Lloyds is still special to us.