Still Missing That Wheel

And here you’ll find, as promised yesterday, one of the reasons why we didn’t post as regularly as we feel we should have done. It’s name is TRACE and we already wrote about it in our portfolio section a year ago. TRACE is a true sportscar with three wheels and an electric engine and a battery. It’s fun, it’s sustainable. It connects you with your surroundings and it will make you smile.

Since then we have done quite some homework… not so much on the design side or the engineering, but rather working on various aspects to turn TRACE from a design concept into reality.

It’s still a long way to go though, but hopefully we will advance quicker over the next few months, with a little bit of help from our friends! For us as designers that is somewhat unknown territory, but it’s quite exciting and we really enjoy learning as we go along.

You might already have guessed so, to progress with TRACE we need funding. Unlike a design project where a client pays us to provide the various services expected from a design studio, it is us who have to reach out and turn a good looking vision into a business. It is us who have to find collaborators, suppliers and, most importantly, the money!

Nevertheless, we feel we are still on track. The clock is ticking, as we would love to present TRACE next year at the Monaco Yacht Show – and we mean a proper presentation, not just some renderings! The good news is that we have met some very useful contacts already, but of course if you’re interested in getting involved, please get in contact!