This is another story with a twist! Originally, somebody at coquine![design] had cravings for pancakes.

Think: Sunday morning. The seductive smell of fresh coffee. And hot chocolate. Think: Kids. Think: Loads of maple syrup and some sugar. You figure: This is not the territory for some cool stainless steel & frosted glass designer stuff. Not the expensive china either. And then you think: That icing sugar tin just doesn’t look the job either!

What happened next, however, was that the idea starting evolving. Maybe because while we do have a weakness for the maple syrup every now and again, on a day to day base it’s a really good coffee we appreciate the most. Dark and mean and black for Christian. With a bit of sugar for Ana. No worries, there’s milk for whoever likes it a bit lighter, too. In the end, we came up with the idea of a coffee set. Cup, saucer, cafetiere, milk jar and sugar bowl. It’s probably a bit more ‘design’ than our first sketches suggested, but we hope it still has that ‘pancake charm’ we initially set out to capture. So, who’s in for breakfast?