Thank God It’s Friday! Some might call it the holy grail of every aspiring designer. Fact is, there is something special about car styling, because it combines in a unique way interior and exterior and it operates within tight technical parameters.

It’s bigger than the usual ‘product’ or piece of furniture, so you have to walk around or step back to appreciate it from the outside, but it’s not as big as a house or a yacht which in reality hardly ever appears as a whole object but rather a collection of details. It has static qualities as well as the obvious dimension of motion.

Fact also is, that coquine![design] was originally born out of the designer’s fascination for the automobile. Fast forward a couple of years and combine it with the field coquine![design] operates these days; in other words, mix yachts and cars and you’ll find FRIDAY.

The FRIDAY concept is particularly geared towards the needs and desires of yacht people, both in terms of styling as well as the technical concept. And then of course there is the exclusivity of a very limited production. Upon request, coquine![design] can deliver a draft business plan, a full concept and a preliminary specification for potential investors / manufacturers. We are happy to present FRIDAY to people who are equally passionate about being involved in a really exciting project, willing to join us to make FRIDAY come true.