That Corner

“Just tell me, am I weird? Or am I weirdly obsessive about…. well, that’s another question!”

But let’s start with the facts. Ana’s parents moved from their house to a flat in a tall building in São Paulo. If you know Brazil (or did read some of the things we wrote about this beautiful country before) you know it makes sense. Tall buildings come with security. If you live in Brazil, particularly in one of the big cities, you appreciate security.

But that’s not what we’re writing about today. After helping with the move Christian Leyk discovered that a 12th floor flat also comes with amazing views. From the living room you can see all the way to certain São Paulo. However, from a little balcony facing the other way he discovered… a little bit of street. A few corners, nothing really to write home about. And still, there was something that caught his attention.

Something like out of the movies maybe. Or Grand Theft Auto. As we said, a bit of street. A traffic light. Street lamps. Overhead wires. Markings on the road. A writing, saying ‘devagar’, telling you to slow down. Now just add a few cars, a bus, some motorbikes. Long exposure and a hand held camera, blur is beautiful!

Maybe we should try our hands on cinematography one day….