The Dark Side Of Coquine!

Things are not like they used to be. Things change, and it’s up to us to decide if that’s for the better or the worse.

I was just reading last year’s post about vampires, respectively vampire movies. While in general my theory about what the vampire stands for is still valid, I guess I owe you an apology. I moved on. I realised that the world is over saturated with films featuring the fanged folks. So, no more vampires.”

That’s of course just partly true. It is true that the term ‘vampire’ has become a little bit anaemic. It became an excuse for some a few CGI effects applied to anything from teenage romance to soap opera. It is also true that we are horrified by the fashionable vampire versus werewolf mix’n’match and the Swiss army knife sound effects of fangs being deployed.

We are, nevertheless, still compelled by the deeper layers of Bram Stoker’s story and we are still intrigued to explore its various aspects further.

Another shortcoming of our approach so far has been that while breaking and bending a few rules of Hollywood script writing we still applied what we thought would be the necessary format: pages upon pages of written words in Courier typeface. That of course isn’t really wrong, but it neglects two major issues: First of all, the for us, as designers, pictures are by the far the most powerful tools. And secondly, that since we are new to the scene, any trick will do to sell or product.

As a matter of fact, times are changing for everybody. An experienced Hollywood producer told me a short while ago that nowadays, even A-listers do demo reels…”

So, it’s time for a new approach. We are currently preparing a parallel website (the dark side!) where we can start developing the new script in a completely new way. We are thinking of opening the project and want to invite contributors soon. Furthermore, we are looking into new ways of taking the script to the next level rather than just bugging producers and sending out printed copies. There’s a great array of tools out there, from social media to crown sourcing, and we are keen on making the best use of it. So, it’s all brand new territory and there might be exciting times ahead of us… we will keep you posted!