“I heard that dragon glass would be one of only two materials suitable for a weapon that could kill a White Walker. It’s also referred to as ‘frozen fire’…” We’re not quite sure how useful you will find this piece of information (unless you suspect the above mentioned creature to roam the forests near you), but when it comes to yachts the applications are rather limited.

It’s also known as ‘obsidian’ and it’s the amorphous product of rapidly cooling magma. It’s also black and not transparent at all.

When it comes to yacht design, we love glass. It allows us to let light in and it allows us to look outside. That might sound simple and rather obvious, but in our opinion it’s the connection between the inside and the world around that makes a place liveable.

With this 60m concept ‘Slice’ we carefully laid out the different zones and degrees of transparency to define the ‘public’ areas versus areas of privacy. For that purpose we reduced the exterior spaces on the aft main deck in favour of a more private, semi-enclosed terrace further up, almost like a patio. As a side effect of this, the living areas inside also received some ‘re-shuffling’, leading to some interesting split-level solutions. After all, ‘Slice’ isn’t designed to be a head turner. She’s designed to re-define living on the water. Just in case you need a break from all the day to day dragon business…