The Kneading Designer

The idea was brewing already for quite a while, but as these things are, it takes a bit for getting started. Christian and Ana were doing their own bread week after week, and Christian was dropping one or the other picture on facebook, but that was it.

Somehow, however, it occurred to them that their bread was not just turning out nice but also popular amongst those who tried it. In other words: why not blog about it? This was easier said than done, as this meant that they had to agree on a name of the blog, a font, a style. Pictures or no pictures, decisions and more decisions. And nothing was posted and a few breads went by un-documented. Finally, a blog was up and running, called ‘doughnotes’. As a matter of fact, it started nicely, which a dough-note posted almost every week. However, some flaws in the concept became obvious. It needed some discipline to always take some photos and write down the recipe and then post it in the blog. 

 But that wasn’t the real problem. Fact was, that although there are hundreds of varieties of bread and there’s the possibility to blog about cookies, cakes and even pizza, most of the bread recipes started with 150ml of water, 2 spoons of sugar, 2 spoons of yeast… In other words, writing a post every week that practically starts with the same words over and over again isn’t too exciting.
The solution? Making bread is a very creative and quite therapeutical job (especially the kneading!). In other words, it’s very ‘design’! So we figured that you wouldn’t mind reading about it every now and again here…

“By the way, did I mention that I’m planning to do my own wine one day, too?”