The Limo

“I’m tempted to title this post ‘blood, sweat & tears’ because of all the time, effort, creative fighting and perfectionistic fine-tuning that went into building the Pascoe 9.6m Limousine.”

Christian spend literally years as the senior designer of Ken Freivokh Design on the development of this amazing tender, working tightly together with the talented people of Pascoe International.

“Doing a tender is a totally different world from the big yachts. You might think that the small the boat, the smaller the problems you’re facing. As a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite. Every detail becomes just so much more important
The other thing was that the boat was built just across the road from the offices. You’re getting much more involved in the problem solving, and often the middle man (the one who does the shop drawings) would be cut out, meaning that the designers had to deliver the very data used for manufacturing. It certainly makes you much more involved in the project and more aware of processes you otherwise wouldn’t even notice.

All in all it was a great experience, so I’m really twice as proud to see that the Pascoe 9.6m Limousine – or simply referred to as ‘The Limo’ – today won the 2015 Show Boats Design Award.”

A big congratulation to the whole team at Ken Freivokh Design and Pascoe International. Please follow the link to the ShowBoats Design Awards Winner. All pictures courtesy of Pascoe International.