The Many Faces Of Bread

Of course there is the danger that if we continue writing about bread rather than yachts people might think that we’re just not passionate about the latter any more. Nothing can be further from the truth, although actually we are, on a professional level, more passionate about good design, exciting projects and collaborating with interesting people than we are about yachts.

For us at coquine! [design], it not just about the yacht as an object, it’s also about the yacht as part of the client’s life, about how people live and interact with the yacht, inside and outside. And it’s about creating dreams and being part of the team that makes these dreams come true.

And since design really is all about life, it’s only fair to let you have a look at the designer’s life, too. Including his passion for… bread!

In the last months we have tried quiet a few very different variations and approaches, so the topic is really far from boring! We have done sour dough rye bread with onions caramelised with Guinness. We also used the stout for a more rustic, hard crust take on the Vinschgauer with lots of fennel and fenugreek.

On the more exotic side we did a banana bread (not a soft banana loaf cake but a real yeast bread with a hint of curry) and one with roasted walnuts and black olives. We did a heard-warming winter bread with buttermilk (we love buttermilk..), honey and coriander, too, which turned out really nice and moist, while admittedly sometimes the structure didn’t quite met our expectations. There was one particular one that looked like a dried cloth from the outside… it tasted nice, but it was impossible to spread anything on the slices!

Well, it just proves the point that creative people do make mistakes.. if you’re afraid of mistakes, you can’t be creative. That of course is easier said than done when you have to eat the result!