The Only Way Is Up

You can look at a collaboration in different ways. The bottom line is, at least in our opinion, that two parties work together towards a common goal. It’s give & take and we’d like to stress that this is beyond just the money.

Over the years coquine![design] was, as far as we are concerned, involved in various successful collaborations: Working with newcruise yacht projects & design, with Ken Freivokh and, most recently, with the talented team of designers from Marc Newson’s office in London, we felt that our contribution of skills, talent and creativity added value to the different projects. In return, we acknowledge that we did learn new tricks and through our work we managed to establish our place as creatives in the industry. Without the people we worked with, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

But actually… where are we?

Well, we’re quite excited to announce that we are at the very beginning. The beginning of a great big adventure. Because for the first time, coquine![design] is not collaboration closely with any other designer in the way we’ve done it so far. We now fly our own flag.

In other words, the only way is up. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?