The Story So Far

If you look at this website, read one or the other article and look at the images you might get the feeling you know something about us, about the studio, about what we are working on and of course, how the website looks like. At this very moment in time when we are writing this, you only know something about how the studio will be, what we will be working on and how this website will look like in the near future.

Yes, we are practically working on all the projects you can see in our portfolio (on a speculative base) and all we write about us is real. But, and here’s the ‘but’, coquine![design] as a business does not exist… yet! Hopefully, this weird state between inception and implementation, between drawing up a plan and turning it into reality – a little bit like being pregnant I’d imagine – will soon be over.

Right now, the designer is moving on unfamiliar territory. No pictures. Instead, there are words, ideas outlined, any thought deemed useful written down. Sorted. Deleted. Re-phrased. Discussed. Re-written. A plan manifested itself, describing what we want to achieve and how we believe we can get there. Luckily, we are not afraid of words, words can paint powerful images, too. With numbers however it’s a completely different story. We can’t deny it, we don’t like numbers. But we also need to admit, we need to make these numbers our allies.

There are questions upon questions. Where will the studio be? What equipment is necessary. What will we do about marketing? And what about Monaco? How will we establish a team? What are the legal requirements? And of course, what will it cost? How soon will the money come back in? When do we expect to make profit?

And, who can help us? So we started contacting people. Sowing the first seeds for future collaborations. Start creating a professional network for the studio. And of course, it’s all about finding an investor, ideally a financial partner who is interested in a long term relationship. Someone being part of the team…

Hopefully soon there will be another post, something like ‘The Story Continues’…. we promise to keep you in the loop!