The Tired Warriors

Saturday, 28th of September, 2013. 16:00 in the afternoon. Down in the marina the Monaco Yacht Show hasn’t finished yet, but after long days of running around and even longer (or shorter nights), one is entitle to feel a little bit exhausted and sleep deprived. And happy that in a few moments the taxi will arrive and deliver us to Nice Airport.

Should you already start flipping through the business cards people have given to you or make notes which leads to follow up as soon as you’re back home? It’s only in the weeks to come that you will find out if the show was a successful one or not. But in reality, even when you just met the same old people as in the previous years, it was good. Because one day you will have a project too big to handle on your own (which is of course true to every single yacht project!), and when that happens you have to have your network up and running!

In the meantime, it’s perfectly alright to relax a little bit. And you know what? We’re already looking forward to next year!