“So I was thinking, how about this for a twist?”

It’s no secret we have been intrigued by the SWATH concept for quite a while. It’s an incredibly clever concept, creating a super stable platform almost impervious to adverse weather conditions. It is true, though, not all yacht owners actually want to be out at sea when things get a bit rougher, but even in the Mediterranean and even on a sunny day the sea isn’t always flat as a mirror. As a matter of fact, the swell just out of Monaco can easily rock your gin & tonic quite unmannerly occasionally, let alone making those guests who are a bit uneasy with the motions of the sea a tad queazy around the stomach.

“One problem with the SWATH (if you’d call it a ‘problem’) is, that it’s rather weight-critical. Personally, that’s not an issue because I do love making lightweight construction visible. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be interesting if I could visualise the idea of strength and solidity instead?”

That’s when the idea of ‘biceps’ was born. She’s a 52 metre bulldog in immaculate yacht white. On first glance, powerful and impenetrable. Look closer and you’ll find there’s still enough glass to make sure her interior will feel light and airy, though. Look even closer and you’ll see we added the odd shell door to allow for the right amount of inside-outside living when you want to.

What you won’t see (unless you’re approaching from above) is, that ‘bizeps’ sports a lovely private ‘walled court yard’ with pool, bar, sun loungers and everything else you want, but without the curious looks from your neighbours.

In other words, nothing and nobody will rock your G & T….