Traces Of Progress

So the question is, are we getting any closer for Trace to become reality?” A few people have asked us the question lately and we are occasionally asking us the same. Luckily, the answer isn’t that bad. We are making progress.

Of course, we’d be much happier to report that we are making big steps forward. Truth is, steps aren’t ask big as we want to, but then again that is now and tomorrow could be a different story. There are a few leads that we follow with regards to the business side of things, and at the same time we keep developing Trace further, reviewing details and doing what we call ‘adding layers of reality’. That starts with reviewing the geometry of the suspension, re-visiting the drive train, optimising the location of the battery; we then continue with developing the carbon fibre tub further, adding a few centimetres to the cabin and connecting a few dots that we left unresolved earlier. And then we also make sure that everything complies with rules (which again might require some fine-tuning and adjusting). Oh, and while we’re already working on it, we also review every aspect of the design and improve where we feel we can.

This detail design phase is maybe not as free and wild and exciting as the concept design stage was, but we do enjoy it nevertheless. Mainly because we know this means we are actually closer to reality.