Travelling Light

When creating any blog or blog-like website, there is always the question of the feedback. It’s not so much about ‘how much’, because feedback is usually welcome, but rather in what way.

Obviously, when you create an online portfolio, all you really want is show your work and in return, get emails from the website’s visitors telling you how much they like it. Maybe all you want is broadcasting a newsletter, but still it would be a pity if you send out all your thoughts and ideas and get nothing in return…

When you do a blog you are establishing communication, you write about yourself (as a person or as a business enterprise) and you want people to react. A website like this isn’t just your showroom, it’s your eyes and ears, too. Of course, it is still your (or your company’s) website, so communication needs to remain in focus. For anything else there is Facebook!

Keeping this in mind, coquine![design] opted (rightly or wrongly) for a ‘compromise’: We are always interested in our visitor’s opinion and we will do our best to answer every feedback personally. And every now and then we open one or the other post for comments. We hope this works – it’s all work in progress still – we are looking forward to some interesting discussions!

“…and I’m not talking about the old issue between genders about how big a suitcase has to be for a long weekend kind of trip! I’m actually wondering how you folks are travelling in life. How big would be your removal van if you’d have to move tomorrow?
I think some of us do have their 5 houses and apartments spread strategically around the world, others just need suitcases and settle wherever they need to be at a certain point in time. And then there are those (like me) that are compulsive collectors, so moving means moving a huge pile of magazines and books, boxes of old postcards, a pile of coins from all over the world, glasses full of sea shells, not to mention that most pieces of furniture where acquired at a certain point in time each – rather than pragmatically when moving in – and therefore already attached sentimental value to them… you get the picture!
As far as I’m concerned, if I have a good excuse to pack me, my wife and my cat and my half-finished car restoration and everything else and move to a new place tomorrow, I guess I’d still would do it without hesitation. But I admit, it would be a major operation.”

So, what about you? Two suitcases or a 40ft container? Easily persuaded or deeply rooted?