Another quick doodle…. spring is finally coming and we find ourselves daydreaming of chasing twisty country lanes in a fast and nimble convertible! After a long winter one can be forgiven for some exuberance; later in summer might be the time for the grand tourer, but now it’s all about curves, the more the better!

So all we want is a responsive engine connected to a throttle that reads all of our wishes, delivering a healthy amount of power to the rear end of the car. With a pair of hip hugging bucket seats and a wheel in each corner. A sharp steering rack, precise gear shifts – manually operated of course, with a traditional open gate in polished metal – and no unnecessary ballast whatsoever. Wind in the hair, the throaty roar of the engine and the occasional coughing on the overrun. Are we asking for too much?

And the result of such day dreams? Well, we call it the ‘ti/p’… as you can see it’s inspired by the legendary Maserati Tipo 61 ‘Birdcage’. It should be super light and ruthlessly open. Maybe our friends in Italy could build it for us?