What time is it? We absolutely admire the art of watch making. Totally admire. Even though we still can’t get around the idea that one can wear something on the wrist that can cost as much as one or the other car we have been driving.

On the other hand you could of course say that most of those super expensive watches can be seen as a quest to find the most complicated way to simply tell you what time it is. But of course also the most beautiful one. 

Deep inside something’s telling us we should not mess with watches. We should leave it to the people who know what they’re doing. We’re sure that when you’re looking closer at this design you can of course spot that we are just designers having a bit of fun, it probably looks more like the result of a giant toddler throwing a tantrum and having a go on his toy train track.

Having said that, we had that idea of three interlocking rings that would rotate… 3 orbits. Two of them with numbers on the rings and a marker on the glass. The third one, showing the seconds, would have a marker on the ring and numbers on the glass. Does it make sense?