We believe we never really explained the connection between coquine![design] and vampires… Okay, we kind of did. As part of our ‘romantic’ approach to design. Philosophically. Metaphysically.

There is, however, another dimension to it. At coquine![design] we always believed that design is everything. So we design yachts. And cars. And watches, houses, cutlery, leaflets, websites…. whatever comes to our minds or is brought to our attention. In this context, is it really surprising that we would start dreaming up film, too?

We are talking about full-feature length. The movies! We believe that as designers we see things differently. We are no story tellers. So maybe coquine![design] might be able to create something that you’ve never seen before on the big screen?

Well, we don’t think that we will revolutionise cinema as we know it. Those directors, cinematographers, production designers, screen writers, producers and last but certainly not least the actors out there are genius. When we watch a good film we get carried away into a different world and we start dreaming. We laugh, we cry and the suspense keeps us at the edge of our seats and the eyes glued to the screen. And we will never cease being amazed…. Cinema makes us dream and in return we feel inspired to contribute and give some dreams back in return. And who knows, maybe because we are coming from a different background we can give back something special? Well, we hope we can!

Going back to the question in the beginning… is it really surprising that our first screen play project is a vampire story? One with a twist, of course. For now, we won’t tell more (unless you ask us!).