Let’s add a little bit of drama, shall we? 

Alright, we will probably never been known for understated and minimalist design, even though we are quite confident that it’s within our capabilities, too. In fact, we have done a few of those, too! However, with this 119 metre concept study we thought we could go all the way and dial it up to eleven.

So we thought Richard Wagner’s ‘Ride Of The Valkyries’ might just be the right sound track, don’t you think? Not that we suggest to sail to Walhalla, cruising the sunny Mediterranean waters will do just fine.

And here’s a few more design theory… writing theatre plays or operas isn’t really what we are likely to venture into, but we do believe that designing a yacht is a little bit like that. Yachts are big, so they are not like other designed objects that you can turn in your hand or quickly walk around to get an idea of what it’s all about. Yachts are experienced in a more complex narrative, from the moment you see it for afar to when you step on board and when you walk into the beach club or into the atrium that connects the decks… you get the idea.

When we design yachts we imagine walking through the vessel, and we imagine different scenarios, too. How does it look at day time, how does it look at night? What will you see when waking up in your master stateroom? And what’s the best place for enjoying the sunrise?