We call it ‘the first luxury of the day’, particularly when you’re denied the other option: sleeping as long as you’d like. We’ve always been in love with a nice shower, so we’d like to design them, too. 

Incidentally, our first 3D exercises (back in the days using Alias Sketch) were shower fittings. So, there’s a bit of nostalgia involved, too. Of course, doing this completely speculatively we did give ourselves a dream scenario: Design a shower with all the bells and whistles we would like to have. Design it in a layout that would suit us. And design every detail, from the hand shower to the know for adjusting the temperature. Because browsing catalogues for fixtures and fittings might be our daily bread and butter, but it’s only half the fun.

So here’s a bit of technical background: A big knob to dial in a pleasant temperature. Two separate circles for water, so you don’t have to choose between overhead and hand shower. You can have both. You can turn either one to a refreshing ice cold and back in an instance. And you can choose if you want the a soft drizzle or a barrel of water. Anything we forgot?